International Panels & Components Company

The strength of a large group

Founded in Bari – Italy in 2010 International panel company is a leading manufacturer of panels and components for sectional doors. The company’s  over 50 year experience  has enabled to develop an innovative ambitious project.
Our team ‘s continuous  challenge is to produce  high quality products  and to ensure a very fast order execution as well as very short delivery times. Thanks to our knowledge of the market as well as our state of the art production equipment we manufacture over 600 models of sandwich panels with single integrated  body and , in support, their profiles and accessories for residential locking systems and industrial applications. In compliance with the strictest European  directives  our R&D department  develops products that meet the demands  of the international market where competence and competitiveness are required both by our customers as well as by our partners. Our R&D department is also the promoter of technological innovations and revolutionary patents  such as plastic and pre-painted coatings with a woodgrain and leather embossing optical effect.


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Thanks to the unique finishes and shapes, Gold panels are the right choice.

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